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Dr. Toby Bingham: A Beacon of Health and Happiness

Welcome to the world of Dr. Toby Bingham, where passion for life meets dedication to health and wellness. Born and raised in the serene landscapes of Gooding, Idaho, Toby's journey began on a dairy farm, where the values of hard work and perseverance were instilled in him from a young age. Surrounded by a loving family and amazing siblings, Toby's upbringing laid the foundation for his remarkable character.

After moving to Boise, Toby pursued his academic endeavors at Boise State University, where he embarked on a journey towards a Bachelor of Science in Health. Fuelled by his desire to make a tangible difference in people's lives, Toby furthered his education at the prestigious Western States College of Chiropractic in Portland, Oregon, graduating in 1998.

Returning to Boise as a proud graduate, Toby established himself as the principal owner of Life Chiropractic Center, where his unwavering commitment to his patients' well-being has been evident since day one. Alongside his professional accomplishments, Toby is blessed with a loving wife, Melanie, and three wonderful children – Maddi, Kenzi and Parker, who are all married to amazing spouses. 

Beyond his professional and family life, Toby's zest for life knows no bounds. An avid athlete, he finds joy in pushing his physical limits, competing in multiple Iron Man and endurance races on his road bike. Yet, Toby's enthusiasm extends far beyond the realm of sports; it permeates every aspect of his being, infecting those around him with a contagious sense of vitality.

What truly sets Toby apart is his genuine love for people and his unwavering dedication to spreading happiness and positivity. His beautiful attitude towards his family, patients, and community is a testament to his compassionate nature and unwavering spirit.

Join Dr. Toby Bingham on his journey towards health, happiness, and the pursuit of excellence – a journey that inspires all who are fortunate enough to walk alongside him.



Doctor of Chiropractic

Western States Chiropractic College


BS Health

Boise State University

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