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Chiropractic Care for Pain Management

Chiropractic care, or manual physical therapy, is not just for those who suffer from chronic pain or have been in a car accident.

Life Chiropractic works on the whole musculoskeletal system. Whether its headaches to neck pain, shoulder issues to ankle sprains, Dr. Bingham will put forth a 100% effort to help you recover from the issues impeding your enjoyment of life. With on site X-rays, we can take X-rays to see the alignment and condition of the bones in the problem area if needed.

Chiropractic care helps rehabilitate issues within the problem areas. From non-twisting chiropractic adjustments to laser therapy, you will get a full service office working to get you back to living to your full potential. For manual medicine, Life Chiropractic utilizes chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy modalities and trigger point therapy to work on multiple levels of the body.

Back Pain
Most people will experience back pain at some portion of their life. Whether its due to a crooked spine or muscle spasms, we can help. Many people treat the pain through medications with out knowing what was the cause of the pain whether it is a new issue or a chronic problem. By taking X-rays of the spine and hips, we can see if you have an issue with the alignment of the spine and/or pelvis. If that is the case, we can use non-twisting methods of chiropractic manipulation to work on the spine. Muscle spasms can be addressed using trigger point therapy or other therapies including electrostim and ultrasound. Ergonomics at work and hobbies can play a major role with recurrent back pain so we will discuss posture and recommend exercises to help us help you.

Our goal is to not only get better but help you become less susceptible to the effects of your job or hobbies on your health. As many of our patients have found, back pain does not necessarily have to be part of your everyday life. When it comes to the musculoskeletal component of back pain, Life Chiropractic works with you to get you back to the lifestyle you are missing.

Headaches can be debilitating for some, at Life Chiropractic we look at many factors that may play a part of the overall picture when addressing headaches. The upper area of the neck can be crucial in addressing many headaches.  At Life Chiropractic we see many patients who thought they could never see a chiropractor but once they see the gentle approaches we offer, they are willing to try chiropractic for their headaches. Of course we do not only look at the upper neck, we look at other factors like posture and  muscle tension and other portions of the neck.

Chiropractic can play an important and vital role in helping address an acute onset of headaches or to address long term problems with headaches. We have often seen people who have had MRIs, CT scans, seen massage therapists and other health care providers only to be told there is nothing wrong with them or get results that only last a short time. If this sounds like you, we encourage you to give us a chance and see if we can help you tackle this burdensome problem.

Neck Pain
At Life Chiropractic we understand the complex nature of neck pain. As the neck is involved in so much movement through out not only during the waking hours but for many during the night as well. When trying to relieve neck pain, we look to not only the bones of the neck and upper back, but also the muscles and ligaments of the neck and back. Whether your neck pain started from an acute issue like a car accident or if this is a recurrent problem that flares up, we will work to get you out of pain and identify how to limit the possibilities of future recurrence.

We know how sciatica can be a difficult condition to deal with. At Life Chiropractic we have help many people finally find relief from this condition. Sciatica is a condition that involves the large nerve running down the leg. For those who have had sciatica, there is no doubt about how bad it can interfere with your lifestyle. We look for not only the primary reason for the pain but also any complicating factors involved in the irritation or likely cause of a reaggravation of the sciatic nerve. Lower back disk bulges can irritate the nerve and is a common cause of pain or changes in sensation that extend below the knee. We can use traction, specific chiropractic adjustments along with therapies to help resolve the issue and regain stability in the low back.

Other issues commonly thought to be sciatica can be Iliotibial band syndrome, Piriformis syndrome and inflammation if the lower back or hip joint can cause pain to travel in the body. At Life Chiropractic we look at both the spine, hips and the associated soft tissue. Our patients have found that this combined approach has helped them see a significant change in the time it takes to get better and the increased use of the body with less pain and stiffness.

Want to know what else chiropractic care can treat? The list is SHOCKING!

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Chiropractic care for back pain, neck pain, headaches, and more

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